Season 1

Rising country-pop music sensation, Jesslee gives you a peek behind the curtain with a never seen before backstage pass as she travels with her jaw-dropping Band, Crew & Manager (Steve Virginia of Black Label Nash) throughout the roads of the USA and Worldwide. Join Jesslee as she shares a rare glimpse of the road with exclusive new releases before they drop with Host Chris Ross (Founder of Winject Studios) and others as she experiences local culture at its finest! Whether it's testing her tastebuds at an area's favorite restaurant, taking on a thrilling adventure at a local attraction, or rocking out on stage during her tour, you will have a front-row behind-the-scenes VIP pass for it all.

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Host: Samanah Duran

The BEYOUROWN Podcast Series is brought to you by BEYOUROWN Collective and hosted by Forbes 30 Under 30 founder Samanah Duran. A weekly podcast interviewing and highlighting some of the most incredible female entrepreneurs on a mission to succeed, these casual conversations aim to inspire you to BEYOUROWN, as Samanah unearths new learnings for us all.


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