101. NEENA PEREZ | S5:E1

In Episode 101 of The Win-Win Effect™ Show,
Chris Ross kicks off the NEW season with one of the funniest and value-packed conversations with one of the fastest-growing podcasts, Straight Talk No Sugar Added with Neena Perez.

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Straight Talk No Sugar Added https://pod.link/1437575497

She has interviewed individual prominent thinking entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, authors, etc. that want to share real, raw life stories, so they can influence one another and make an impact in the lives of others! 

After overcoming many challenges in life, she has grown in her passion for challenging and transforming negative mindsets with her Autobiography (Hit Me With Your Best Shot! How I Overcame a Hard-Hitting Life), Speaking engagements, Youtube, Podcast, and Blog. She loves people and wishes to see them grow and thrive in their lives and despite all the challenges.
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