Understanding Your Attachment Styles with EMILY FREEMAN

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Emily has dedicated her life to helping men understand their true potential in love. After multiple heartbreaking long-term relationships and years in the modern dating world, she became curious about why some people have a more challenging time with love.

She began researching human psychology, specifically subconscious patterning, attachment theory, masculine and feminine energy, manifestation, and communication principles. What started as a quest to find the fulfilling, loving relationship she’s in now became her journey to becoming the widely recognized dating coach she is today.

Her formulas and approaches to dating have helped hundreds of men release deep-rooted insecurities and discover who they are to attract their dream woman. Emily’s coaching focuses on getting quickly to the root of her client’s issues through her expertise in human behavior, attraction & polarity, relationships, manifestation, attachment theory, and personal development.

Emily has helped CEOs, physicians, entrepreneurs, high-performing executives and professionals unblock limiting beliefs around dating and step into their most empowered selves to cultivate their dream relationships. Most importantly, Emily creates a safe space for men of all backgrounds to share and understand their subconscious blindspots holding them back.

📎 𝙎𝙝𝙤𝙬 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨:
[0:00] Intro
[1:04] Who is Emily Freeman?
[3:33] Difference between “Chasing” & “Pursuing” a Woman
[6:10] 4 Types of Attachment Styles
[11:22] Advice to those who lack communication skills in the dating process?
[13:19] What does it mean to Hold Space in a relationship?
[15:19] Setting boundaries in the dating process and each phase of the relationship
[18:10] Challenges High-Quality Women face in today’s society
[22:12] How to read Feminine / Masculine energy based on attachment style
[25:19] Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne – Book Reference
[26:13] Identifying Red flags early by communicating what you want/desire in the dating process
[29:43] How Emily helps her clients with online dating
[31:25] Importance of knowing thyself, consciously and subconsciously
[34:05] Why it’s imperative to align yourself with someone that is driven as you
[36:50] Better questions to ask before moving to the next phase of relationships
[43:23] What men want more than anything
[48:27] Loneliness vs Readiness // Want vs Desire
[53:28] COMMUNITY QUESTION: Benching and Breadcrumbing in the dating process
[01:03:00] Universe will give you everything you ask for just to torture you
[01:04:40] Jealously vs Protective
[01:09:55] Outro

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