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Violet Detre joins @drruth on the 39th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 19th episode in series 2.

Violet Detre is a Happiness Advocate, speaker, best-selling coauthor of ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ with Brian Tracy and host of The SuccessPath Show on YouTube

Violet became a Christian at eight years old but was stunted by health issues, unfortunate circumstances and life’s challenges. Through her journey of recovery, she learned that it was possible to not just survive the day-to-day, but to achieve personal fulfilment and thrive!

Violet holds a Professional and Executive Master’s Coaching Certificate through an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved university and a bachelor’s degree in Education and Life Coaching from Liberty University where she studied Life, Health & Wellness, Financial, Marriage and Leadership Coaching.

Violet was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. She’s been married for 25 years to her husband, a retired US Army veteran. They’ve been blessed to be able to travel throughout the United States and abroad

In this episode, Violet shares her story of how she struggled with severe depression and multiple suicide attempts, wondering if lasting joy and peace were truly attainable

At five years old Violet was molested by a family member, resulting in a cascade of health issues as a result of being unable to talk about what happened. Mercury poisoning from fillings in her teeth also led to brain fog, which continued to deteriorate after she finished school

After losing her grandfather, she spiralled downwards and completely lost hope – she was found by her husband after taking a cocktail of medication and revived in the hospital.

That wasn’t the first time Violet attempted suicide

Violet discusses the difficulty of her journey from being suicidal to the Happiness Advocate she is today, and how she pulled herself out of the darkness, found joy, hope and rediscovered her faith and relationship with God

If you are struggling with finding joy, feel like you’re losing hope or are having suicidal thoughts, this episode is for you

You are enough and guidance and support is here to unchain your pain.

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