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@meerasharma joins @drruth on the 35th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 15th episode in series 2.

Meera Sharma is a British Indian media personality and writer who first came into the limelight on series 11 of the hit ITV dating show ‘Take Me Out’. Using numerous mediums to encourage discussions around identity, representation, and staying motivated, Meera has featured in and written for numerous publications (Independent, Metro, BBC to name a few), and she’s been nominated for awards and spoken at panels

Meera created the platform The School of Sass to educate everyone on the skills they need to stay motivated, and positive, and live the life they’ve imagined by channelling their inner sass. As part of her platform, she offers books, articles and coaching to help you live your best life.

Currently, Meera hosts a weekly motivational talk show, The Sass Life, airing on the world’s largest original digital audio broadcast platform, Dash Radio. She’s interviewed the likes of Maya Vander to Sydney Cummings.

In this episode, Meera discusses her experience of going on the TV show ‘Take Me Out,’ how it provided her with a platform to express her values and message to the world, and the importance of living with a positive mindset

“Don’t let people rent space in your head.”

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