The Art and Science of Getting It Done with Saiyyidah Zaidi

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Saiyyidah Zaidi, Founding Convener and Conversation Architect with the Center for Belonging and Understanding, author of the book ‘RESULTS The Art and Science of Getting It Done and podcast host, ‘With Saiyyidah’ joins @drruth on the 12th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.

With a doctorate in researching belonging, identity, intersectionality, and context, Saiyyidah serves as a high-performance and business coach, researcher, supervisor, and teacher, helping you to cultivate a sense of belonging and understanding within and for others.

In this episode we look at brain health in the context of Saiyyidah’s journey, recovering from a major car crash as she finished her degree as an Architect, to making a major career move through the help of a coach, and finally leveraging the premise of her RESULTS to get the support she needed as she started her journey through menopause.

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