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Tom Ruwitch joins Dr. Ruth on the 38th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 18th episode in series 2.

Coaches, consultants and other experts hire Tom to power up their stories because most dish out the same “blah, blah, blah” content, put prospects to sleep, and then feel fed up and stuck. So Tom helps transform content from boring to brilliant, turn marketing from frustrating to fun, and convert results from pitiful to profitable.

In this episode, Tom discusses the importance of mindset in the context of marketing, including the importance of equipping ourselves with the right tools in this digital world – seeking to get joy from it rather than overwhelm

Tom shares his personal experience of imposter syndrome as a budding entrepreneur and how he was able to overcome it. He discusses that we are all on a continuum, or swinging like a pendulum, and it’s not a binary matter of whether you are, or are not, ok Tom discusses how so many entrepreneurs he meets are suffering from brain performance issues and the importance of being aware and leaning into it. Of not being ashamed

Tom discusses the common pain points with regards to marketing, including ‘writer’s block and perfectionism that inhibits people from releasing powerful content to their audiences, and what you can do about it.

Brain health is not mental health – it’s about getting the best out of your engine of life and out of you. If you’re struggling with marketing, find it a painful experience, and are seeking support to unchain your pain, this is one episode you don’t want to miss!

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