Shannon Connery, Ph.D. – PACE Method

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Chris Ross picks the Creator’s brain of The Pace Process Course, Psychologist Shannon Connery.

What is the PACE Method? Pleasure – Accomplishment – Connection – Exercise

If these four areas are in balance for you, given your personality and needs and everything you bring to the table, your life will inevitably improve. And if the four areas are out of balance, you will struggle.

Almost a decade ago, her world fell apart. Like most of her clients, she hadn’t been happy, despite following every rule society had given her. She was skinny, educated, and married with two children. She had a lovely house and a condo in the mountains. She had an advanced degree but stayed home to raise her two children because she didn’t need the extra income. Shannon checked off every box that the world had told her she needed to be happy. Her dirty little secret was that she was displeased with where she was at that present moment.

As a psychologist, she dug into the research on happiness. In today’s episode, Shannon will reveal how she worked relentlessly until she had a life she loved. 

If you are 100% ready to start your happiness journey, to build a life that makes you want to get up in the morning, apply here for her coaching program. 

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