Releasing Genius Potential with Rex Miller

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Rex Miller joins @drruth on the 22nd Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the second episode in series 2.

Rex Miller helps leaders and teams release their genius potential. In this episode, we discuss Rex and his family’s journey to optimizing their brain health.

He discusses how his research into the issues associated with the education system helped him uncover where the system had damaged his children and the difficulty in challenging the current, traditional medical system.

Taking his family to get their brains scanned whilst they were on vacation in California, he was able to prove what he intuitively knew was wrong about the diagnosis of his daughter’s brain health struggles.

Helping to uncover the root cause of his daughter’s struggles, which lay in the bullying she experienced at school, Rex talks about her journey to healing, including removing the incorrect label she assigned to herself following the misdiagnosis.

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Books and references discussed in the Episode:

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