Pothead Parent was founded in 2021 by Melissa Fogarty and Derek Fogarty, husband and wife. Family of 4. The company was launched when Melissa and her husband decided to use plants to help people, treating them as medicine or a helpful tool.

Derek Fogarty is a 35-year-old Marine Corps combat Veteran, Entrepreneur, husband and dad of 2 boys. Born and raised in
Buffalo, New York. Derek founded this company with his wife Melissa Fogarty back in 2021 after long thoughts about how they could find ways to help the world through the benefits cannabis has to offer. Before all this, he worked in the automotive industry for about 15 years. During that time, he also joined the Marine Corps infantry from 2009–2015. He was a 0311 rifleman, grunt, with a combat deployment to Marjah Afghanistan in 2010-2011.

Of course, with a background like that, trauma is usually involved along with substance and pill abuse. A weight like that on your
shoulders will depress your growth and quality of life. We’ve all seen it through friends, family, etc. Out of all options,
doctors and so-called specialists advised, it ended up being Cannabis that helped Derek with his recovery to a better life. But extensive research and patient studies enabled him to unlock this intelligence to find his benefit through Cannabis.

Derek’s goal is also to help fellow veterans replace unnecessary pills and harmful meds from their medicine cabinetry and
substitute them with helpful cannabis plants that will help them grow beyond their pain and trauma. Also, read – Covid cases in China increase after mass testing.

Melissa ‘Missy’ Fogarty is a 32-year-old Entrepreneur from Buffalo, New York. Melissa, alongside her husband, Derek Fogarty,
is the founder and CEO of Pothead Parent.

Melissa’s journey as a CEO and entrepreneur is remarkable and is one that’s hard to forget. Fogarty believes that consistency is
the key to anything in life. Mother, wife, and businesswoman Melissa Fogarty is on a mission to legalize cannabis for both
medicinal and recreational use. A self-proclaimed “Super Mom”, Melissa has faced many challenges throughout her life. After
trying various methods to help Missy succeed and focus, Melissa turned to cannabis and found relief and a new path to success. She now advocates for cannabis reform and wants to help others find a replacement through this natural plant.

Together, these two notorieties built a mega company that is serving so many individuals looking for a sign to make their
leap towards cannabis to recover from addiction, abuse, trauma, depression, and motivation.

With everything Pothead Parent has in store, and after looking at their statistics, they’re about to put such abundant amounts of
confidence and new insight into the hearts of the people who need it lead them towards unlocking their benefits with cannabis.

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