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Robert Pardi joins @drruth on the 36th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 16th episode in series 2.

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Following his wife’s death, Robert re-assessed his life and decided to share the many lessons he learned by becoming a Certified Life Coach, Keynote Speaker and most recently Author. He pursued a childhood dream to live in Italy and now lives in the same small Italian village his great grandfather immigrated from.

Robert is the author of ‘Chasing Life,’ ‘A Pimby Tale,’ and ‘Possibility in Action’ out from 18 May 22. Robert didn’t grow up in an ideal environment, living with an alcoholic and abusive father. Meeting his wife, Desiree, at the age of 19, he went on an incredible journey watching her evolve as she realised her life’s dreams of becoming a Palliative Care Medical Director, whilst he was her full-time caregiver as she battled cancer for 11 years.

Robert talks about how important our imagination is, and how it can be diminished or buried as we become adults. He discusses how his experience with Desiree affirmed the importance of pursuing your dreams and living ‘all in.’

Robert discusses the challenges of grief, not only from the loss of a loved one but the grief you can experience as you also lose the identity that you had as a caregiver. This for me was a bit of a tear-jerker. Robert’s book ‘Chasing Life’ about his journey with his wife Desiree, is absolutely beautiful. Have your tissues ready…

“We can only live an extraordinary life when we value the ordinary moments.”

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