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Barbara Gustavson joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 29th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the ninth episode in series 2.Barbara is the Founder of Discover Next Step, a consulting and coaching company.

In her workshops, retreats and 1:1 coaching, she combines personal growth, leadership and brain-based techniques to help her clients get more clarity on their next bold steps. She is the author of ‘Permission To Be BOLD: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Living Fully and Leaving Your Mark In The World.’

Barbara is also the program director for the Brain Health Licensed Trainer Course at Amen University, supporting a community of brain health trainers that bring resiliency and wellness programs into their communities. In this episode, Barbara shares her story of how her childhood experiences shaped how she was able to connect with the world and those around her.

She discusses how her fears and withdrawal were centred around her family dynamics – how she had to play quietly or outside to protect herself. She discusses how she became self-mute in moments of terror and fear. This started at around 4 years old. Never a rule-breaker, she experienced a series of incidents in childhood that started a path of debilitating fear, withdrawing and not allowing her true self to come out.

Throughout school, her anxiety and fear continued to grow, with her shame and humiliation compounding through the years. After experiencing undiagnosed brain injury following breaking her back, Barbara had to readjust her objectives, taking 12 years to accomplish her Bachelor’s degree.

When she was finally able to get a functional brain scan, she learned her brain type, understood how her brain functioned and was able to get the appropriate treatment to heal from her brain trauma and unleash her superpower.

“Change starts with me.”

“Listen to the whisper. Don’t wait for the 2×4.”

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