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Ella Mae joins @drruth on the 31st Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 11th episode in series 2.

Ella is the founder of One Degree where she helps entrepreneurs who are scaling by connecting them with vetted vendors. She’s the host of The One Degree Show Podcast and loves spending time in nature in sunny Phoenix, AZ.

In this Episode, Ella discusses the struggles she experienced during education, particularly sitting exams and how a false diagnosis by traditional medicine of being bipolar, combined with a concoction of medication affected her.

On undertaking an IQ assessment at aged 24, Ella was subsequently correctly diagnosed with ADHD, resulting in her being prescribed medication that worked. Ella discusses her dad being diagnosed with cancer when she was six, dying when she was only 10 years old, resulting in her mum going through a massive mental health crisis for five years, resulting in her being adopted for a period of time. She discusses how this impacted her during her teenage years and affected her relationships and her life’s trajectory, as well as some astonishing fun FACTS!

“Parents are people and sometimes they make really bad mistakes.”

“Focus on your internal state. You live there – make your house nice!”

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