Now or Never Shine, Baby, Shine with Karen Wright

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Be prepared to have your heartstrings pulled. Karen Wright joins @drruth on the eighth Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.

Karen Wright is a #1 International Best Selling Author, speaker, radio show host, and savvy businesswoman. Her Book “Now or Never Shine, Baby, Shine” takes her readers with her as she becomes an expert on all forms of loss. She allows herself to heal on her journey as she takes back the freedom, passion, and empowerment that was once stripped from her.

Her VoiceAmerica radio show “Now or Never the Choice is Yours,” invites her listeners to lean into the authentic and raw stories and messages that her outstanding guests share on air. Karen is a mother of four amazing grown children and one grandson with a love for adventure and the great outdoors.

She has created the perfect life that combines her business side with meditation, hiking, skiing, and giving to others. Karen believes that each moment of the day is a gift to be celebrated through gratitude and the simplicity of breath.

On the show, she tells of how her life came to a tragic stop and how a parent can move past the loss of a child. She discusses how the loss impacted not only her but the whole family; the impact it had on her children and the importance of allowing children to express their grief and emotions they experience.

She talks about how she was able to move on after her divorce and open the gates of possibility that had been firmly shut to step into the person she is today.

“Don’t wait until tomorrow. Live in the present – in the now because life is a present – a gift.”

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