Money Multiplying Mindset Coach, MARC JOSPITRE

Episode 132 of The Win-Win Effect Show, CHRIS ROSS sits down again for his second appearance, Money Multiplying Mindset Coach, Marc Jospitre

  • Helps Entrepreneurs to go from Hustle to Freedom
  • Graduate of communication at College Radio Television de Quebec
  • Founded Marc Jospitre Consulting to help entrepreneurs create massive results and changes in their lives
  • Author of 100 Millions Possibilities, 9 Short Chapters that will Impact your life.
  • Expert for disruptive ideas, Keynote Speaker and Sales Trainer
  • Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant, Circle of Excellence Member
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  • Are you a hustling entrepreneur?
  • Are you fed up with 14-hour days and not enough money at the end of the month?
  • Have you had enough of chasing customers and playing it small?

Marc created a massive business for himself and is now teaching his clients the exact methodology he uses. Book a call and see if working with Marc Jospitre and Bob Proctor will be the right fit for you ➥

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