3. Tony Hillery | S1:E3

In the 3rd episode of Anabolic Mind Show, Mark Jenkins interviews friend and fellow Native Newyorker, Tony Hillery.

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In 2010, Tony Hillery founded the nonprofit organization Harlem Grown with the mission of bringing urban agriculture and youth gardening programs to Harlem residents. Over the past four years, Tony has established a high-impact program for young children in Harlem to learn about gardening, healthy living, and food justice.

The programs have expanded to include school gardens and one-on-one mentoring programs; the operation of a hydroponic greenhouse; a summer camp; nutrition and cooking workshops; and a training program for parents in Harlem to learn about urban agriculture. As the Director of the organization.

Tony specializes in forging strong partnerships, cultivating major donors, strengthening community engagement, and implementing high-impact programs. Tony has an undeniable passion for this work and shares it with all who visit Harlem Grown. For more information, please visit www.harlemgrown.org


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