2. Nazia Khatun | S1:E2

In the 2nd episode of Anabolic Mind Show, Mark Jenkins interviews fellow Fitness Trainer, Nazia Khatun

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Former UK Sportswoman of 2018, who effortlessly impacts everyone in her presence, either directly or indirectly. Nazia’s resilience and determination to empower high-profile clients, especially other females, come from her own experience of struggling with an eating disorder, which robbed her of happiness, self-worth, and self-confidence.

She equips her clients with adaptable methods combined with a heightened awareness of the neuroscience that produces radical transformation and has developed a reputation for defying stereotypes. She has overcome adversity from an early age and has continuously battled with fitting into a role as an athlete, which is not culturally acceptable, as a Bangladeshi female.

Having turned to fitness, Nazia incurred injuries that had a damaging psychological impact on her mental well-being. Yet, as a former boxer, she built an unshakeable mindset as she slowly recovered from her eating disorder.

Nazia’s mission is to assist others from all walks of life, help them see the inner beauty of themselves and their bodies while inspiring them to start the transformational journey towards self-discovery. In short, Nazia will assist her clients in embracing and being the very best versions of themselves.

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