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Richard Martin joins @drruth on the 30th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 10th episode in series 2.

Richard spent the first 20 years of his adult life as a successful lawyer in London. He experienced a breakdown in 2011 and since then has worked in mental health in the workplace, being a trainer, advocate and author. Richard does training with Byrne Dean, the Mindful Business Charter and the Lord Mayor of London’s ‘This is Me’ campaign.

In this Episode, Richard shares how he experienced a breakdown whilst away on holiday, resulting in him choosing to be admitted to hospital due to becoming terrified of everything.

He discusses what led to his breakdown, his journey of recovery, and how he rebuilt himself and his life again to be able to re-engage with the world and work again in a way that felt safe.

For more information visit: LinkedIn – Byrne Dean – Mindful Business Charter

Books and references discussed in this Episode:

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