Masterful Sales Dialogue to Avoid “Pigeonholing” Yourself

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Host Chris Ross and Co-Host, Wes Baiz discuss how to formulate a Masterful Sales Dialogue and structure questions you ask buyers to lead them to the outcome of winning.


  • Belief in Abundance
  • The Framework to Provide Clarity
  • Positioning with Trust
  • Being on the Same Side with Buyer
  • Awareness of Buyer Position/Situation
  • Different Types of Questioning
  • Closed/Open-Ended Questions
  • Probing, Funneling, Leading, Baiting/Rhetorical Questions
  • Keeping Buyer Comfortable to Stretch Comfort Zone
  • ROI of Time / Audit of Time
  • Roleplay of Questioning to Help Listeners Understand
  • How to Not “SELL” and “LEAD” the Buyer to Make a Decision

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