Quanda Francis is a visionary leader, American Entrepreneur, President of Sykes Capital Management and the first black woman in history to run for mayor of New York City as the nominee of a political party she established in a general election. She also ran for United States Congress and sought the Democratic nomination for New York State Comptroller, an office responsible for managing $252B in invested assets to date and an estimated $1 trillion in economic output. She has the distinct honor of being internationally recognized as 1 of 10 of the Most Inspiring Women in Business in the World to Watch in 2022.

She was also named Global Women in Banking and Financeโ€™s 2020 & 2021 Global Community Development Honoree in Africa. She was born, raised, and educated in New York, earning an undergraduate degree (NYU), MBA (LIU) and continuing her Ph.D. studies in the state of New York as well. However, life was not always this way for Quanda. After experiencing being a teenage mother and leaving high school at 17, She was determined not to be a victim of her circumstances. This determination has been a tool for encouragement as she pushed into spaces that were not created for her. She advises young girls and women to โ€œreject all notions, messages, and practices that undermine your ascension and โ€œrefuse to be your own naysayer, adversary, and enemy.โ€ Show up for people and allow people to show up for you.

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