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On the 22nd Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the third in the second series, @drruth does a LIVE exclusive to support all those struggling with the psychological trauma of war.

During this show, Dr. Ruth provides an overview of how psychological trauma manifests in the context of war and fear, how the brain responds to psychological trauma, what you can do as a family to avoid the trauma tree from growing, as well as further support to help your family unchain your pain. Trauma is like a tree, so the earlier the seed is planted, the taller the tree can grow inside your mind.

Much like physical trauma, the earlier you can intervene with an appropriate healing approach, the earlier you can address the trauma and prevent it from growing inside your mind. In the context of the trauma of war, the more you are able to discharge the trauma you experience each day when you feel in a ‘safer’ time or space, the more you are able to down-regulate your brain each day to be able to cope with the ongoing trauma.

If you are in a war-torn country and you would like access to the online training course ‘Havening with Lilly’ for you and your family for free, please email [email protected]

Books and references discussed in the Episode:

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