LIVE Q&A with Marx Acosta-Rubio & Chris Ross

In this episode, Chris Ross brings on a special guest from Episode 77 of The Win-Win Effect Podcast to answer some of the many questions listeners have sent in. If you haven’t had the chance to catch that episode, we highly suggest you take the time. 

Marx Acosta-Rubio is a Business Growth Expert specializing in helping his long list of the TOP 1% Entrepreneur clients. Some of his clients in the industry are calling themselves “GURUS,” and it will blow your mind if I reveal some of their names. I will leave it to your imagination. 

It doesn’t matter what industry you are currently in; this is A MUST LISTEN TO EPISODE. Grab your pen and paper and enjoy this earthshaking interview by Chris & Marx!

Thank you to all that showed up to watch @lordchrisross today LIVE on #WINJECTTV

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