Leading Organizational Change in Times of Crisis with Keith Leslie

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In the seventh Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain, @drruth  interviews Keith Leslie, leadership mentor, speaker, and writer, Chair of Samaritans in the UK & Ireland, and Chair of Mental Health At Work CIC. ​​Keith is the author of the book “A Question of Leadership: Leading Organizational Change in Times of Crisis.”

In this episode, Keith talks about his traumatic childhood with a mother who had periodic psychotic episodes including hospitalization in an era where mental health was not talked about. We speak about what led to her eating disorder as a teenager, how life changes manifested in a deep depression, and how she found her way out of the darkness.

When his father died at 12, it fell on Keith to support his mother, who became incredibly fragile, as well as his siblings. Both matters were not discussed, making it difficult for him to express and release his emotions.

A traumatic event whilst working in the corporate world, coupled with the response of the company to his situation, led him into a very isolated place and subsequent depression, which triggered the start of his healing journey from his childhood experiences.

Keith talks about the impact of COVID on our mental health and the importance of not just treating our way out of a crisis, but communicating and talking to aid recovery.

If you are someone struggling with an eating disorder or depression or know of someone that is, this episode provides a great insight into how you can find your way out of the darkness to know that you are enough and the world needs you.

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