Lauren Tickner – Impact School

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Chris Ross and Wes Baiz have an impactful conversation with one of Forbes Top-10 Entrepreneurs, Lauren Tickner. She got there with helping so many business owners implement systems to increase sales, save time & change more lives with her business.

Impact School is an online service provider centred around giving you the tools and knowledge you need to build a thriving coaching/consulting company. Whether you’re new to business or ready to scale it, we have programs that accommodate your needs and propel you to where you want to go. Lauren is also a Podcast Host of Impact School, where she brings on guests to share their stories of entrepreneurship.

One of the things that made this episode so explosive is that Lauren and Chris share a scarce competitive advantage they use to make such an impact within themselves to influence so many people ultimately. You will not want to miss a second of this episode.

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