Jona Genova – Energy Healing

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In Episode 095 of The Win-Win Effect™ Show, Chris Ross speaks with Entrepreneur, Energy Healer, Jona Genova.

She is the Teacher of Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT), bringing more than 24 years of devoted study and practice to her work. Jona’s practice is rooted in the idea that work “on the cushion” can translate to life “off the cushion.” Jona is the founder of Samadhi for Peace, which offers workshops and classes to luxury health clubs, executives, and professional athletes in Southern California.

In 2015, she shared her energy healing gifts, including SCT, with a preeminent residential treatment facility for adolescents suffering from dual diagnoses. The positive outcomes of this complementary form of care led to Reiki Collective’s formation, an internship program for her method of healing modeled after other clinical professions and focused on the specific needs of those suffering from complex traumas.

Her work combining energy healing, crystals, and meditation has been on MSN, Good Morning America, and the Associated Press. Jona is the meditation coach in the NFL and serves as the Vice President of The Foundation for Active Compassion.

Through her work, she hopes to help humans develop the courage to recognize the value of compassion, innate wisdom, and the reality that we are interdependent beings to empower decisions supporting personal well-being and social and ecological justice.


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