Intangible Elements of Communication

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Host Chris Ross is back in action after being away for a short break and doesn’t take long to make an IMPACT with today’s episode. In sales, it all comes down to identifying intangible elements of communication. Chris shares a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to ethically move prospective buyers emotionally and logically by developing a real connection.


  • “It’s not what is said; it’s how someone says it”
  •  What is Tonality or Voice Modulation?
  • Conviction or Belief and Passion
  • Best Interest of Buyers
  • Phone Sales
  • Public Speaking
  • Mastering Tonality
  • How to Make Impact
  • Engagement
  •  Staying Sharp
  • Proper Use of Enthusiasm
  • Positioning

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