Everyone Needs a Little Sass in Life with MEERA SHARMA

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@lordchrisross sits down with the Founder of THE SCHOOL OF SASS, TV & Radio personality on @dashradio@rukusavenueradio , Author, @meerasharma

Like ALL episodes on this show, this one is next level and I am positive anyone tuning in will enjoy the conversation between these two.

Meera Sharma is a British Indian media personality and writer who first came into the limelight on series 11 of the hit ITV dating show Take Me Out. Sharma uses numerous mediums to encourage discussions around identity, representation and staying motivated. Sharma has featured in and written for numerous publications (Independent, Metro, BBC, and many others), been nominated for awards, and spoken at panels. Sharma created the platform The School of Sass to educate everyone on the skills they need to stay motivated, and positive, and live the life they’ve imagined by channelling their inner sass. At the same time, Sharma acknowledges we can all have a down day, which is exactly when we need someone to cheer us on.

This inspired her to publish The Little Book of Sass, featuring ‘sasspirational’ quotes to perk people up when they need it the most. Currently, you can find Sharma hosting a weekly motivational talk show, The Sass Life, airing on the world’s largest original digital audio broadcast platform, Dash Radio. Giving a new meaning to Monday Motivation, The Sass Life is the best way to kick-start your week and get inspired. Every week Meera speaks to notable women who are experts in their fields to learn how they’ve channelled their inner sass into creating the life of their dreams. Meera Sharma has led female-centric discussions around various issues affecting millennial women globally.

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