88. Thomas Kim – Everclean | S4:E21

In Episode #088 of The Win-Win Effect™ Show, Chris Ross brings on a guest that capitalized on a HUGE gap within the Modern Vehicle Detailing and Car Wash Industry, Entrepreneur Thomas Kim.

Up until he Founded, Everclean the car wash industry has been very unorganized, and very few companies control the industry. More than 70% of car owners started using car wash facilities in the last decade instead of washing cars at their home premises. This industry is so big that 8 million vehicles are cleaned every day at car washes. Thomas has taken advantage of the fact that if he could increase the experience of each car owner, he could capitalize on its social mission to enrich lives through opportunity and holistic mentorship.

Learn more about the 5 things you need to be a highly effective leader during turbulent times with his interview with Authority Magazine.

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