Brian Bogert – Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering | S3:E19

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Chris Ross and Wes Baiz sit down with one of the industry’s best human behavior performance coaches, Brian Bogert.

His revolutionary strategy—embrace the pain to avoid suffering—has helped individuals and companies break beyond their normal to achieve success in life and business that they’ve always wanted.

Brian helps growth-minded individuals learn this transformative approach that cultivates perspective, motivation, and direction to help them align their life with their true desires and defy their own expectations.

Brian learned the wisdom of resiliency through his own early experiences with pain. As a child, he was run over by a truck and his left arm was detached from his body. Instead of succumbing to suffering because of the injury, Brian embraced the pain necessary to fully recover and flourish with a reattached arm, thanks to his persistent and proactive focus.

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