YouTube Ads and Google Ads with Kyle Sulerud

Kyle Sulerud is the founder of AdLeg.

Before he mastered YouTube Ads and Google Ads, he was the owner of a small junk removal company and was trying to figure out how to generate more business through marketing. He threw together a Google Ads campaign (because “everyone was doing it”) and paid his bill every month without even questioning how much he was paying for how little business he was receiving.

Eventually, he started increasing campaign budgets and making changes based on Google’s recommendations—before he knew it, he ended up with a charge from Google on his credit card that was ten times more than normal! Sadly, his business revenue didn’t also multiply by ten.

Something was wrong.

Once he realized how much he DIDN’T know, he started to see the opportunities AdWords offered for the people who DID know.

He put in some serious time and continued to spend some serious money through trial and error—learning the platform and making it work for his business as best he could.

Then it happened…

Everything started to click! His efforts paid off, his campaign was finally profitable, and he was finally bringing new customers into his business consistently and predictably.

His experience learning Google Ads on his own helped him realize that there was a major gap in the marketplace. Business owners either don’t have the experience or the time to run effective campaigns. On the other hand, most Google Ads managers have never owned a business themselves. They have never put their own money on the line and lost it and they haven’t experienced the real-life consequences of ineffective marketing.

He decided to fill this gap and started doing some freelance work helping businesses set up and optimize their Google Ads campaigns. He continued learning and growing as a marketer. He went through all the training programs he could find, hired business coaches, and even did some work with Facebook Ads and funnel-building.

After years of experience in the industry, he became a respected authority on Google Ads and even published his own training program and software to help other marketers—all while continuing to level-up his own game as much as possible.

One day, one of his mentors approached him. He had an offer that was crushing it with Facebook Ads and he wanted to run YouTube Ads. He’d worked with other YouTube Ads buyers, but he wasn’t able to get the results he knew were possible. He trusted Kyle to run his ads even though he had no proven results on the platform—he wanted to see what he could do.

So he accepted the challenge: He used what he knew about Google Ads and Facebook Ads (and everything else he knew about marketing) and applied it to YouTube Ads.

He was expecting to hit a home run with his ad campaign right out of the gate…but no, the first results were a big disappointment. Things weren’t clicking.

To say that he felt stressed would be an understatement. He was on the verge of blowing a HUGE opportunity. It was frustrating and embarrassing.

The problem? He was trying to run YouTube Ads like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. But it was an epic fail because all ads do not work the same way. He’ll be the first to admit that YouTube Ads had him stumped, but he thrives on challenges, so there was no way he’d give up. He stepped back and re-examined his skill sets and realized the foundation he needed to excel was already in place. His success with Google Ads and Facebook Ads backed by years of high-level marketing experience gave him a leg up and all he had to do was figure out how to fit all the puzzle pieces into YouTube Ads.

He consumed all the courses and all the information he could find about YouTube Ads, which was actually really frustrating because so much of the information contradicted itself. For a short while, he felt like he was no further ahead than before he started.
Still, it wasn’t easy.

Success happened when he finally put all of the pieces together. He combined what he learned about YouTube Ads with his Google Ads and Facebook Ads knowledge and finally cracked the code. He dissected the details to find what worked best SPECIFICALLY for YouTube. He was able to get incredible results for his client and I could breathe a sigh of relief.
But it didn’t stop there. He used what he learned to develop his own repeatable systems and strategies and started to get great results for other clients, too! He was able to take the lessons he learned from each account and use them to make the next campaigns even better. His clients were happy with the consistent, qualified leads ripe for conversion. With the ever-expanding experience, he updated his processes continually to keep getting killer results for his clients.

He’s zoned in on which clients he could offer the most value to: course creators, online coaches, and influencers. He helps scale their businesses much faster with YouTube Ads. YouTube is unique because when people use it, they are already looking for entertainment or information. They are looking to consume content and they’ve often set aside a block of time to spend on the platform. When you advertise on YouTube, you are advertising to a very captive audience.

So, if you run webinars, YouTube Ads are a game-changer. Your target audience is primed and ready to see videos; they’re hot to learn more by watching your webinar. Plus, YouTube is one of the largest sources of online traffic. His team gets his clients’ ads in front of the right audience at the right time—without wasting money on the wrong audience.

YouTube is an under-tapped platform. The competition is low, and your audience’s attention on the platform is HIGH. Each day you’re not advertising on YouTube can cost you thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

AdLeg is looking for course creators, online coaches, and influencers who have a webinar and a proven offer that converts. If that’s you, let’s see if your offer is a good fit for our Done-For-You YouTube Ads management service.

And get this—you only pay us after you make a profit! There’s no better time than now for us to combine our forces.

In this episode we cover:

  • The unique quality that only YouTube ads have
  • The industries that work well with YouTube ads
  • The one connection that changed the trajectory of Kyle’s career
  • When you should start thinking about running YouTube ads
  • The key things to think about while running YouTube ads

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