Deeper Understanding of Emotional Intelligence

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Host Chris Ross and Co-Host, Wes Baiz go into a deeper level of understanding of Emotional Intelligence. Also, why it’s not only crucial for the SELLER; it’s a significant factor for the BUYER to know to gain much-needed clarity. 


  • Why EQ is a Powerful Skill
  • Look for Emotional Patterns
  • Perception is Everything
  • Synergy Within Companies
  • Self/Social Awareness
  • Proper Use of “Pauses” to Reflect
  • Discovering the “Core” of Problems
  • Being Authentic
  • Influence of Upbringing
  • Take Time to Be Alone in Your Own Thoughts
  • Focus on Gratitude
  • Requesting Buyers to Reflect After Meeting
  • Relationship Management
  • Provide Clarity w/ Analogies
  • Areas to Focus on

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