Consumer-Driven Health and Wellness Plans with Mark Gaunya & Chris Ross

In Episode 112 of The Win-Win Effect™ Show, Chris Ross sits down with the Principal at Borislow Insurance (BI) and the Founder of Captivated Health, Mark Gaunya.


In the US, 50m people get their health insurance from their employer in the middle market (50-500 employees). It is the 2nd largest expense behind payroll that grows 4-5x than any other on the operating statement. As a result, it significantly reduces margin and is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy.

In the nonprofit world, no margin, no mission. In the for-profit world, less margin means unhappy shareholders.

At the consumer level, large unexpected medical bills mean making difficult choices at home. None of this is ok and Captivated Health and Borislow Insurance is doing something about it.

The corporate office of (BI) is in Boston, Massachusetts, and is highly regarded as a leading regional employee benefits brokerage and strategic advisory firm serving employers and individuals.

Captivated Health is an innovative solution designed to help middle-market employers “Bend the Healthcare Trend.” By joining a community of like-minded organizations who change how they finance their health benefits to take control of their future through insightful, actionable data to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for employees and their families.

Mark is an employee benefits advisor with over three decades of experience and a tireless, passionate advocate for transparency, consumerism, HealthHealth, and well-being.

He is a pioneer in using Consumer-Driven Health and Wellness Plans (CDHP) to lower healthcare costs and improve overall Health. He was named a national Top 30 Benefits Advisor to Watch in 2017 by Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit Adviser and was awarded Most Innovative Broker of the Year in 2014.

Mark is a Member of the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Health Connector and Vice-Chair of the Legislative Council for the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU). He earned his GBA from Wharton and is certified in the ACA and Self-funding by NAHU.

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