Celebrating Small Victories with Dr Cheng-huai Ruan

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Dr Cheng-huai Ruan joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 40th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 20th episode in series 2.

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Dr Ruan is the Founder of the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, one of the rare facilities to deliver functional and integrative medicine for the insured population. He is also the host of the upcoming 2023 Better Brain Health Summit, which will be streamed online.

In this episode, Dr Ruan shares his story of optimising his brain health. He talks about the importance of belief systems to support you on your healing journey and how he now requests people to call him out on the belief systems that aren’t serving him

Dr. Ruan also discusses what he has discovered with his work on imaging brains using qEEG – quantitative Electroencephalogram, which condition shows up in all mental health conditions, as well as what the three fundamental processes are to optimising your brain

He also dives deep into the impact of belief systems on autoimmune diseases, and what he observes with his patients that get better…

We also discuss the issue of the belief systems in traditional medicine, and the importance of your doctor being the guide of your health journey, not your hero

If you are struggling with optimising your brain and whole-body health and are worried your belief systems, perhaps from past experiences, could lie at the root cause of your struggles – this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

β€˜You can be your own hero of your health journey’
β€˜Celebrate your small victories’
β€˜Accept love. Don’t try to be the hero.’

Books and references discussed in this Episode:

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