Bringing Leadership to Life with Natasha Mogg-Addis

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Natasha Mogg-Addis joins @drruth on the 24th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the fourth episode in series 2.

Natasha is the Founder and Managing Partner of the international Coaching and Consultancy firm NM Consulting. An accomplished transformation Coach and Consultant, she guides high-performing senior executives, C-suite, and entrepreneurial professionals. She works closely with her clients guiding higher outcomes in their role model leadership, their sustained high performance, and congruent professional personal branding.

Natasha developed the ‘Bringing Leadership to Life’ Coaching Program as a formal leadership development journey, which is successfully implemented by clients annually due to its transformational results. In this Episode,

Natasha talks about her journey from a life that looked perfect on the outside, but on the inside, it was a different story. 10 years of a high-profile executive job, combined with personal life changes resulted in chronic stress and burnout. Then it started to unravel.

Physical issues started to manifest. After being told she had gone into enforced menopause, Natasha uncovers the steps she took to take back control of her health and wellbeing, reverse menopause without medication and be able to love herself again.

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