12. Suzanne Nance | S1:E12

Suzanne K Nance, the First American Woman to have accomplished the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” – summiting the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents, and skiing to the North and South Pole,  joins Dr. Ruth Allan on the 12th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.

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For over the last three decades, Suzanne has had the opportunity to work in independent leadership roles coaching others to summit their own Everest and meet their ultimate goals.

Working in Fortune 100 companies, Suzanne has helped to develop emerging leaders and teams to meet best practices, excel company expectations, and reach new heights.

Suzanne is author of the #1 International Bestseller “Lead From The Top: How to make your life, your team, and your leadership a grand adventure.”

We apologize for the slightly wonky recording in the first two minutes of this Episode. During this time, Suzanne mentions that only 350 individuals have reached the summit of Everest and we mention that she was the 177th to achieve the Grand Slam in 2006.

In this episode, we take a very different look at what optimal brain health is, in the context of achieving your goals, viewed through the lens of extreme adventure.

During this episode, Suzanne and Dr. Ruth dive deep into what her challenges were in becoming the 177th person to accomplish the Explorer’s Grand Slam, and ultimately what Suzanne’s real Everest was…

“The destination is the goal, but the journey is what makes the story. Stop and smell the roses.” Suzanne K Nance

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Books discussed in the Episode: Lead From The Top: How to make your life, your team, and your leadership a grand adventure.”

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