6. Nazia Khatun | S1:E6

In the sixth episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain with Dr. Ruth Allaninterviews the powerhouse Nazia Khatun.

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​​Nazia uses neuroscience and fitness to help females to become the best version of themselves by recreating and rewiring negative habits. She teaches people from all backgrounds the gift of self-love and how to use fitness to manage emotions better.

We speak about what led to her eating disorder as a teenager, how life changes manifested in a deep depression, and how she found her way out of the darkness.

From an early age, Nazia felt as if she needed to conform to the stereotype of being born into a narrative of going to school, getting a job, and getting married as an Asian, Bangladeshi Muslim woman.

Inspired by an interview she had with Mohammed Ali’s daughter, Layla Ali, as a child Nazia turned to boxing to help provide resilience, structure, and discipline, and found it a helpful outlet to channel her anger and aggression.

Nazia provides an open and honest perspective of her brain health struggles and the deep work she knew she needed to do to take back control of her mindset.

If you are someone struggling with an eating disorder or depression or know of someone that is, this episode provides a great insight into how you can find your way out of the darkness to know that you are enough and the world needs you.

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