Belinda Agnew – Startups & Unicorns

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Chris Ross and Wes Baiz have the pleasure to interview an incredibly passionate, motivated young entrepreneur Belinda Agnew in Australia, who is making a name for herself in a male-dominated B2B world. You will quickly see that she has a hunger for success, and she prides herself on sourcing and developing talent innovatively.

Belinda is transforming companies and helping them to make millions. She is now developing her new concept to change how recruitment works and looking to make a difference in the way companies hire talent forever. She currently runs an agency by the name of Foccus Group, a leading boutique recruitment agency specializing in the placement of permanent candidates and contracts with BIG NAMES like MindValley, Telstra, Belong, and Ethoca who was recently acquired by MasterCard.

Her agency is leading in Sales, Marketing, Digital, and Tech positions nationwide and offers a thorough, discreet, and above all professional service to companies and individuals throughout Australia, Singapore & New York. Specializing in character matching and taking the time to understand our candidates and clients. She is also about to take on the TECH world, launching an application called Workle in a few months.

What impressed Chris & Wes was how aligned she is with her core values, precisely her spirit to make such an impact with whomever her path crosses.

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