Being the Hero of Your Story with Michael Unbroken

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Michael Unbroken joins @drruth on the 34th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 14th episode in series 2.

Michael is an entrepreneur, coach, podcast host, award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma. He’s the author of the amazing, raw book “Think Unbroken – Understanding and Overcoming Childhood Trauma,’ and is just about to release his new book ‘Unbroken Man – A man’s guide to being the hero of your own story on 14 Jun 2022

In this episode, Michael talks about the challenges of sharing his story and making it accessible to all that need it. We discuss the importance of finding the right mentor and coach to help accelerate you on your journey to unchain your pain and guide you to what’s next in life, including the importance of educating yourself as part of that journey.

Michael discusses the importance of control and being the hero of your own story – being willing to step through the discomfort of the unknown to reach that next level. Realising that his life was out of control at age eight living with a mum that was an alcoholic and drug addict and a step-father that beat him and his brothers to the point of putting him in hospital.

Michael discusses the topic of the theft of identity that trauma leaves – and the importance of being ok with the person you look at in the mirror

“The more time you spend in the past the less time you spend in the now.”

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