Becoming Medication Free with Jessy George

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Jessy George joins @drruth on the 33rd Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 13th episode in series 2.

Professionals and entrepreneurs hire Jessy George to reclaim their health because they struggle with yo-yo dieting, and emotional and stress eating, so she helps them create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

In this episode Jessy, an Electrical Engineer from India discusses how her emigration to the USA resulted in her feeling like a β€˜kid in a candy store’, radically shifting her diet from a culturally healthy one to one that didn’t serve her.

This change in lifestyle and culture led to a decline in her mental and physical health, resulting in her becoming obese, asthmatic and diabetic, along with many other health concerns Jessy takes us on her journey of recovery from suddenly losing her job after 20 years and the deep depression that caused, it to reversing her diabetes of 17 years, obesity and asthma and becoming medication free.

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