Beating Stage 4 Terminal Cancer with Mark Edmondson

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Mark Edmondson joins @drruth on the 25th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain and the 5th episode in series 2.

Mark Edmondson grew up in the North West of England, lived for his sport, loved his life, and felt very lucky with his lot. After a year of traveling and seeing the world, Mark embarked on a successful commercial career and focused on living life well. Life was good, then five years ago, Mark was told he had a stage 4 terminal cancer diagnosis and less than a year to live.

He now lives life differently, but the same. In this episode, Mark shares his story on the impact of being diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer, and what steps he took to optimise his brain and whole-body health and achieve a better life on his own terms.

We discuss the key values that drive him in life, how he overcame the diagnosis and cancer itself, the five pillars he now lives by, and what one piece of advice he would give to anyone diagnosed with a chronic illness.

“It’s not what happens to you in life that defines you, it’s how you react.”
“You choose your future, not the words that you are told.”

This show is dedicated to Melanie, my dad’s mother Eileen Woodward, whom I never got to meet, and all those who have been diagnosed with cancer or a terminal illness and are fighting their own battle. There is always hope.

Books and references discussed in the Episode:

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