Anchoring & Framing (Part 1)

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Host Chris Ross and Co-Host, Wes Baiz talk about how to paint the picture to provide buyers with much-needed clarity. What’s so phenomenal about this particular episode? Is that this episode will feature ONLY Part 1 of many episodes discussing this topic.

Anchoring and Framing are two beautiful skills you have to master to be an effective Salesperson, but here’s the thing. You’ve been anchoring and framing all your life. So why is it ONLY a handful of Salespeople know how to use this effectively? One word: FOCUS or in this case, LACK OF FOCUS.

In sales, everything closes, whether you’re there or not. Focusing on key activities almost directly ensures you or your sales team is getting sales, and doing so in the most efficient amount of time. Key ingredients for focus are three components: clarity, will, and ability. Clarity about goals and key activities to focus on. Enough of internal reasons (will) to get out of the comfort zone to get the work done. Ability means skills to do the job and discipline to stay on schedule.

If you want your salespeople, your team, and your company to work as one moving body – where each person sets up the next person to operate at their full potential – it all starts with a conscious choice to focus on every touchpoint. How does this pertain to Anchoring and Framing? That’s simple; you will learn how master salespeople can do this effortlessly.

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