Addressing Problems with the Mental Health Care System with Mike McCarthy

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Mike McCarthy joins @drruth on the 18th Episode of Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain.

Mike McCarthy is an award-winning journalist who has worked in the news media as a reporter and presenter for almost forty years. Having worked for the BBC and Sky News he covered the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a huge variety of other stories across the world including politics from Washington DC, the Boston marathon bombing in the US, and a terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa.

Mike worked for more than ten years as the North of England bureau chief for Sky News, covering stories ranging across all subjects including crime, politics, and sport. Major events covered also include rioting in Athens, the Manchester Arena bombing, and the Hillsborough disaster.

His interviewees have included stars such as Muhammad Ali and most British prime ministers over the past four decades. He has worked in print, radio, and television in the fields of production, reporting, documentary making, and presenting. In this show, we discuss the topic of suicide.

Mike McCarthy lost his son Ross to suicide in February 2021 and shares his personal story of what happened, what is wrong with the system, and steps he is taking to create a step-change in the way mental health is discussed and treated. Despite having depression for 10 years and attempted suicide the previous year, Mike discusses how his son Ross was put on a six-month waiting list for treatment.

The mental health care system is in itself in a crisis and more needs to be done at all levels to raise awareness, from media to government, to support groups, professional services, and healthcare organisations. This is a very personal discussion for Dr. Ruth, who is the second generation of a family member who was lost to suicide – Ruth’s mum’s father Francis when her mum was only six years old.

This show is for all individuals struggling with mental health issues or affected by suicide, from partners, to parents, to siblings, to the children like Charlie, Ross’s son. We are here to support you in unchaining your pain.

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