Addressing Mediocrity with Chris Ross

@markjenkins sits down with a business partner, entrepreneur @chrisross to address mediocrity and why so many people refuse to level up in all aspects of life.

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Chris Ross is an American entrepreneur, speaker, broadcast host, executive producer, and Founder/CEO of Winject, Inc. This broadcasting media corporation has three major components Radio/Music/TV, that operates as WINJECT STUDIOS. He hosts The WIN-WIN Effect Show and Aftershow host of The Jesslee Roadshow. Additionally, he operates as an Executive Producer for all Original Shows. Most known for being in the Top 1% in Sales and the man behind the rapid growth of several billion-dollar companies, he systematically orchestrated using his approach that shifted the trillion-dollar education industry.

After over a decade of being behind the scenes of several billion-dollar companies, Ross elevated into the elite status of the Top 1% of the sales industry internationally. Being exposed to some prominent entrepreneurs, he learned how to make that next leap into the challenging transition to serial entrepreneurship by brokering over 1.9 billion dollar deals over his tenure of CHRIS ROSS® Companies which he now serves as Chairman. He worked over 194 contracts with industry leaders during this span.

He is also the creator of 2 Nationally Accredited Sales/ Business programs. In addition, he structured a deal in early 2020 to sell to a trade school corporation that operates in over 60 online and on-campus locations. They have rebranded and now enroll prospective students across the United States and serve on the education board, which Forbes brought him on as an Official Member in 2020.

Throughout the time it took to negotiate that deal, Ross launched his podcast show with the sole purpose of how to train admissions staff with over 15-18K employees to adopt his “WIN-WIN Effect” methodology. The first two seasons of his show produced over 2 million downloads in his first year across all major platforms, and now with all shows combined has reached over 9 million downloads and views.

Ross reached out to several podcast agencies and networks and worked out ways to implement and apply his educational approach to the podcasting industry to focus on community, collaboration, and collective impact.

Apple Podcasts provided WINJECT Studios with an exclusive channel for distribution on all shows.

Ross began reaching out to industry leaders and worked out exclusive offers from these brands and companies to provide services that you cannot get anywhere for the value of these offers based on his relationships with over 30+ strategic partners of WINJECT Studios.


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