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WINJECT Community Feedback

“Loving what this group offers. I’m a few episodes in but have received some really good feedback from the listeners and would love to have it grow and reach all the right type of people and Winject feel like they’re going to do just that! Plus, the guys seem great!”

“In just the first week I got easily actionable things to do that can drive my download numbers up. Plus there is a lot of interaction in the group. I am STOKED about being here.”

Orest The Old Guy

"Podcasting has become another alternative for me to reach my fans in a different way, I have never been able to before! The Jesslee Roadshow has provided me an unprecedented way to creatively pull the curtain back on who I am as a person, artist and the music industry as a whole.

It’s evident the light we are shining, boundaries we are breaking and chemistry between Chris Ross, Steve Virginia and I, is resonating with the world by the fact that after only 11 weeks with no advertising other than our networks on socials, “The Jesslee Roadshow” peaked at #69 in the world for podcasts!"

- Jesslee

“Being part of a community of seasoned podcasters who genuinely have the intention, and action steps, to positively impact the podcast experience has been amazing.  Winject delivers on their word - every episode I release gets social media support from them, and valuable live show support.  I look forward to more collaboration and growth personally, and for my business, because of this community.”

Dr. Grace [un]common medicine podcast

"Being on Winject has really started to make me hone in on what I want my podcast to become and has given me courage to reach out to people I didn’t have the nerve to reach out to before. I am excited to be a part of this community of really amazing human beings and am looking forward to seeing what this investment of time, money and most important knowledge is going to produce moving forward! I just joined last month for the beginning of this amazing community and my number of downloads in January were 272 and February already jumped up to 798, its upward from here!

Neena Perez- Straight Talk No Sugar Added

“Community. Collaboration. Collective Impact. Winject Studios has created something unique and exciting in the podcast space. Winject is setting a standard of excellence and delivering an exceptional experience for podcasters and listeners alike.”

Jay Scherr, Business Minds Coffee Chat