Reconnecting industry leaders & entrepreneurs with their best selves by unchaining, unlocking & unleashing their full potential FAST.

Are you or someone you love struggling with optimising your brain function, a mental health challenge or past trauma and not finding the right support to unchain your pain and unleash your full potential?

We can help

Industry and family leaders and entrepreneurs hire us to win back their energy and time by boosting their brainpower and performance, because most are chained to their past, don’t use the right tools and techniques and have never measured and optimised their unique brain

We offered comprehensive brain and whole-body evaluations, with a reach-back to specialists to support you on your journey to recovery. Our approach is unique in that we see you as our client, not a patient, and focus on providing the appropriate plan for you personally, rather than just addressing your symptoms

We also offer trauma recovery coaching at an individual or group level to support you in unchaining your emotional or psychological pain and restore your brain function

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Ruth Allan