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Adam Schaeuble – Podcasting Business School | S4:E13

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Chris Ross turns it up a few notches with the 1st episode of 2021 and delivers a jammed packed show with the one and only, Adam Schaeuble.

Adam Schaeuble aka The PHD (previously heavy dude) hit a rock bottom moment in his life where he weighed 327lbs. He then went on his own 100lb weight loss journey and as he was on this journey he started to inspire people in his hometown to join him. He started a gym and a Bootcamp program and helped his hometown lose over 35,000 lbs in five years.

He just wrapped up being the host of his top-ranked health podcast The Million Pound Mission where his goal is to inspire one million pounds of healthy results (which he tracks on his website ( and now the host of the Podcasting Business School and NEW show, Let’s Talk About Your Podcast.

Adam is known for producing transformational results with anything he sets his mind on, and recently he has joined forces with Chris and a few others spearheading a podcast network. Stay tuned for more on that, and Chris’s guest appearance on Podcasting Business School is coming soon.