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Chris Ross is one of the world’s leading expert on high-performance sales teams and is the creator of the sales industry’s first privately owned Nationally Accredited Sales & Business Entrepreneur Program. 60+ Trade Schools operate TCR programs in the United States. Alumni of these programs have a demonstrated track record of driving revenue and increasing sales conversion for their firms.

Chris specializes in training international business executives on his “Win-Win Effect,” which leads to a radical transformation of business development processes and benefits both sides of the buyer-seller relationship. Chris combines this with his one heartbeat, one mission, one outcome, philosophy and uses this framework to drive goals and produce transformation for marginally performing sales teams. After years of being behind the scenes, Chris decided to launch his own Podcast Show, The Win-Win Effect, in September 2019.

In February of 2020, Chris assumed the board’s role of Chairman, which relieved him of his operating responsibilities with TCR. This freed him up to focus on his newest venture Winject, Inc. and Winject Studios.

By late 2020, The Win-Win Effect broke over 2,000,000+ downloads in his show’s first full year. Chris has always been fascinated with Broadcasting & Media. After seeing a huge gap in the marketplace, he began to reach out to some of his connections within the podcasting community.

After mapping out a business plan, he reached out to INC Magazine Top Podcaster, Justin Schenck, Transformational Coach, Podcaster Adam Schaeuble, and Human Behavior Expert and Entrepreneur Brian Bogert.

They have formed a plan to do something for the podcast community to inject that winning mentality with the belief in the abundance of anything is possible. Winject Studios has begun adding other shows to the network to help grow their listenership and are quickly turning their Network Corporation into a podcasting powerhouse.

Chris Ross®

Chris Ross®


Justin Schenck

He is the Host of the top-rated podcast, The Growth Now Movement, Founder of Growth Now, LLC., which is a full-service podcast production and coaching company. He is an Award-Winning Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine and chosen as an 'Icon of Influence' in the new media space. What started as something fun to do, connect with top influencers, help one or two people along their journey has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting played in over 100 countries every week and ranked in the top 15% of the world. Justin now works with some of the world's elite entrepreneurs and business owners like Ed Mylett, Fabio Viviani, and Cindy Eckert. He is also the Host and creator of one of the most exciting live events for entrepreneurs and forward thinkers; Growth Now Movement LIVE! But that wasn't always the case. If there were a senior superlative for least likely to succeed, that would be Justin. With a 1.7 GPA, his dad in jail, and his mom in the middle of a 20-year opioid addiction, which she later lost, all signs pointed to a rough road for Justin. At 19 years old, he got a job in direct sales and discovered self-development and lead him on a journey to learn that it doesn't matter where you come from or even where you are today. What matters are the decisions you make today to create a better tomorrow. Five months before launching the Growth Now Movement Podcast, Justin's mom lost her battle with opioids. At that moment, Justin had a choice; he can allow this rock bottom moment to define him or create a platform that gives people hope that you can truly live a happy life no matter what. This simple decision made him shift perspectives with the podcast. That has now led him to work with people like Ed Mylett, Fabio Viviani, Sarah Centrella, and so many more of the world's top influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

Adam Schaeuble

He is the Host of the Podcasting Business School, Low Carb Hustle, and Let's Talk About Your Podcast. Known as The PHD (previously heavy dude) hit a rock bottom moment in his life where he weighed 327lbs. He then went on his own 100lb weight loss journey, and as he was on this journey, he started to inspire people in his home town to join him. He started a gym and a Bootcamp program and helped his home town lose over 35,000 lbs in five years. Now he's the Host of the top-ranked health podcast The Million Pound Mission, where his goal is to inspire one million pounds of healthy results (which he tracks on his website (MillionPoundMission.com) Adam is known for helping females(and a few men) over the age of 30 that are super busy being employees, entrepreneurs, partners, friends, and moms. These are the people who tend to put themselves and their health last on the priority list, and Adam teaches them how to escape the Black Hole of Weight Loss Doom, where most people get trapped in the vicious cycle of losing weight gaining it back over and over again. Adam impacts his community by teaching them his 7 Necessary Steps For Long Term Weight Loss Succes that have produced a total of 55,000 lbs of results for his clients and community members so far.

Brian Bogert

He is a human behavior and performance coach who teaches clients to leverage self-awareness and intentionality to become the most authentic version of themselves: who they already are. Brian helps executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and growth-minded individuals learn this transformative approach cultivating perspective, motivation, and direction to help them align their lives with their real purpose and defy their expectations. He teaches not just to accept change but to embrace the pain to avoid suffering. Brian learned the wisdom of resiliency through his own early experiences with pain. When he was just seven years old, he was in a vehicle accident where his left arm was detached. Throughout his childhood, people often asked, “What happened to your arm?” They expected a sports injury or playground mishap—not the raw, painful truth that a truck tore it off. But instead of succumbing to suffering because of the injury. Brian fully recovered and flourished with a reattached arm, thanks to his persistent and proactive focus. He learned how to move beyond what happened to him by creating an intentional mindset. Brian has continued to develop mindful and actionable tools for growth in his personal and professional endeavors. Before moving full-time to coaching peak performers and public speaking, he and his business partners led the Phoenix location of a global insurance brokerage firm. In just a decade, they grew the revenue from $250,000 to $15 million. Before that, he was a top earner as a sales professional and mentored new producers nationwide at a publicly-traded brokerage firm. Brian has earned accolades as a top performer in the Southwest and was named one of “40 Under 40” in the Phoenix Business Journal for innovative and dynamic leadership.​

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